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Rachel Moon

I work with the cards and my spirit helpers to bring guidance and perspective to your love life, your career path, and to help you tap into your life purpose. My readings help you to connect with your inner wisdom and guide you towards a deeper relationship with yourself.  If you are open minded and in need of assistance in letting go of that which no longer serves you,

I am the reader for you. 

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 *Phone or Video Chat                                    * In Person Readings         
  15 minutes $30                                                30 minutes $75
   20 minutes $40                                               45 minutes $115
  30 minutes $60                                                60 minutes $150
  45 minutes $90
  60 minutes $120

Video Chat and Phone Readings are 15 minutes minimum. In Person Readings are 30 minutes minimum. Payment is in advance of our appointment. Video chat via Zoom, FaceTime, or FB Messenger. In person readings are at my private location in Chapel Hill. Address available by request when inquiring about a booking.

*Email Reading - $15 - $75
Email readings are available through my Etsy shop. Click on the link here or on the about page to link to the shop and view reading types. Email readings are completed as soon as possible within normal business hours. Any orders made at night will be completed next day.
Video Group Readings or Parties-  Group readings are great for small parties of close friends. Each person gets a 15 minute reading and all your friends can be present for your reading. Great conversation starter or bonding opportunity for friends. Fun for bachelorette parties, birthdays, Halloween, or other momentous occasions. I no longer offer my services for private, in home events. I am only available for parties at my location or online. Click the button to visit my booking site for availability:  
In Person Group Readings - I host group readings at a private location in downtown Chapel Hill. Parties are limited to 6 people and wine and snacks are available for an additional cost. Contact me for details and booking.
Parties and group readings are $100/hr and require a 50% total cost deposit. I request at least 2 weeks notice for booking. 
*All readings are paid for up front to hold the appointment. I take payment via PayPal, Cash App, or Venmo.


Every month I record the Monthly Tarot Forecast Video for my Patreon subscribers. This video includes the astrology highlights for the month ahead, the forecast for Love and Relationships and Life Purpose, and the Archangel that will be assisting us for that month. Patreon members subscribed at $15 to $25 a month receive this video to their inboxes each month and these tiers include merch! The links below will take you to my Patreon or to my Etsy listing for the Monthly Tarot Forecast Video if you would like to purchase it once to get an idea of what the Patreon members are enjoying each month.

Do you enjoy pulling cards for yourself, but have a hard time reading for others? Do you own a tarot deck and play around, but feel you need to build your confidence before you can really use it? Starting in August I am offering a monthly group reading circle for folks just like you who want to strengthen their skills. I will be hosting a Q & A about the program on Saturday July 30th at 7pm EST. Register to join the Q & A here: 



Life Overview-  My most popular type of reading! This reading outlines your love life and relationships, your career, your creativity, and offers any divine wisdom that is available to you.

The Situation - This reading looks at any circumstance as it stands, as it unfolds, what you can do to affect it today, and what the possible outcome will be.

Examining your Shadow Beliefs- This reading looks at the areas of money, career, life purpose/creativity, and relationships to pin point what subconscious elements are at play and holding you back in these areas. For each area you will get vital tools to utilize in shadow work and belief dismantling.

Career Path Reading- Are you seeking a change in career or desiring to expand what your current career looks like? This reading sheds light on your strengths, how you can improve your performance, and where adjustments can be made to increase your satisfaction and prosperity! 

Relationship Reading-  Relationships require time, intent, and love. Not just love for the other person, but self love! This reading looks into the areas of your existing relationship with your spouse, a family member, a close friend, or co-worker and shows you the dynamics at play. I look into how the relationship is working on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level and how the relationship can improve on those same levels. 

For a full inventory of readings visit my Etsy shop. From there you can order an email reading or click on the blue button for a phone or video reading - for questions visit the contact me section or email -


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"For anyone who might become clouded in the overthinking of uncertainties, you will find readings with Rachel Moon to be warmly grounding. Rachel's insightful handling of your cards can feel like the gift of foundation for forward movement, wisely spotlighting what might be blocking you on your path. Rachel's enlightening perspective can sometimes feel like a direct invitation from the Universe to get out of your own way, possibly empowering you to take charge & plow through those obstacles. From the heart of her many uniquely beautiful card decks, she will bid you farewell with a sweet sense of clarity & confidence that you have uncovered steps to get yourself to the next place you want to be." 

Katy, ARirzona

"I've been at a loss for words since receiving this [email reading]. It is WILDLY accurate. There are things in there...that I wrote on my manifestation list. You also perfectly described the relationship that I desire!"

Lynn, North Carolina

"I have been getting readings from Rachel for more than 3 years now. She is more than a tarot reader, she's like an old friend, a sister, a caring counselor that really sympathizes with you and gives you the best advice for your situation. She is extremely insightful, and while I don't know how these intuitive readings work, she can somehow see and feel things that I don't even disclose. Her readings are straight to the point, and honest, but I never walk away feeling sad or bad. She has an amazing way of delivering her message with kindness and sincerity, even the toughest pills to swallow can be digested with Rachel's help. Readings with Rachel are not one of those $10 psychic readings you see on the side of the road. They are personal, specially catered to you, with sprinkles of her wisdom and tenderness. Her advice and readings stay with you for a long time, and you'll find yourself recalling her words. You will know what I mean once you experience it."

Sarah, Durham, NC

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Owner Rachel Moon at my in person location
Tarot reading at Spring Hill Farm Oct. 2021
Chapel Hill location for in person readings and parties
Oracle Card I created for The Collective Consciousness Oracle Deck in 2019
A sample of some of the decks I use
Owner and Mystic Rachel Moon