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Tarot reader, intuitive, and positive uplifter. I work with the cards to bring guidance and perspective to the life circumstances you most need insight into. My readings don't end with advice, but add value by giving you tools to navigate your life, as well as tools to clear patterns that are keeping you stuck. My focus is to empower you on your path towards your goals and assist you in creating your best life and relationships.  If you are ready to uplevel your experience, contact me today! 

I have been a student and reader of the tarot for 30 years! I have read at festivals, art walks, private parties, and one on one for individuals all over the United States. I have lived a life of adventure and had many incredible experiences that have shaped my perspective and outlook on life. I have lived in a tent, experienced many types of romantic relationships, been a student of various spiritual practices, and learned a great deal about my inner landscape and about people. I have a level 2 Reiki certification and have done workshops in a technique known as co-counseling. I am a practitioner of Byron Katie's 'The Work' and keep a practice of shadow work to clear patterns regularly. I recommend these useful techniques for all my clients. I am a Law of Attraction student and teacher. I have studied herbal medicines and shamanic techniques with professionals. I keep a practice of yoga and meditation daily. My life experience influences my readings through my ability to relate and have compassion, as well as my ability to tap into a deeper perspective.

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Book a reading - phone, email, or video chat
*Phone Readings-      15 minutes $20
  Why book a phone or video reading?  20 minutes $35
   Less expensive than in person        30 minutes $45
   no driving required!                 45 minutes $70
   meet me in your pj's!                60 minutes $90
   convenience and comfort!
Video Readings-    Minimum of 15 minutes required for video chat readings.                 15 min.  $30
                                   20 min. $40
                                   30 min. $60
                                   45 min. $90
                                           60 min. $120
*Email Reading (1 card, 2 cards, 6 cards, or 12 cards)- $5 - $25
Email readings are available through my Etsy shop. Click on the link here or on the about page to link to the shop and view reading types. Email readings are completed as soon as possible within normal business hours. Any orders made at night will be completed next day.
Video Group Readings or Parties-  Group readings are great for small parties of close friends. Each person gets a 15 minute reading and all your friends can be present for your reading. Great conversation starter or bonding opportunity for friends. Fun for bachelorette parties, birthdays, Halloween, or other momentous occasions. Parties are $75/hr require a $50 deposit. I am available virtually for the duration of 2020. Parties and Group Readings can be done on Zoom, Google Video Chat, or Facebook Messenger. I request at least 1 week notice for booking. Group readings are $30/person and maximum for group reads is 6 people.  
For further details or to make an appointment please click 'CONTACT ME' in the right hand menu and send me an email.
*Private readings are conducted via video or phone call. I offer readings via Zoom, FB Messenger, or FaceTime. All readings are paid for up front to hold the appointment. I can take payment via PayPal, Cash App, or Venmo.

Life Overview-  My most popular type of reading! This reading outlines your love life and relationships, your career, what inspires you, and offers any divine wisdom that is available to you.

The Situation - This reading looks at any circumstance as it stands, as it unfolds, what you can do to affect it today, and what the possible outcome will be.

Examining your Shadow Beliefs- This reading looks at the areas of money, career, life purpose/creativity, and relationships to pin point what shadows are at play and holding you back in these areas. For each area you will get vital information to utilize in shadow work and belief dismantling.

Career Path Reading- Are you seeking a change in career or desiring to expand what your current career looks like? This reading sheds light on your strengths, how you can improve your performance, and where adjustments can be made to increase your satisfaction and prosperity! 

Relationship Reading-  Relationships require time, intent, and love. Not just love for the other person, but self love! This reading looks into the areas of your existing relationship with your spouse, a family member, a close friend, or co-worker and shows you the dynamics at play. I look into how the relationship is working on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level and how the relationship can improve on those same levels. 

For a full inventory of readings visit my Etsy shop. From there you can order an email reading or contact me for a phone or video reading -



Mentorship Programs

Mastery with the Mentors of the Major Arcana - Take the Fool's Journey through the Major Arcana of the tarot in this 22 reading series! Learn what blocks and limiting beliefs are holding you back in the areas of your life symbolized by each mentor in the Major Arcana.
These readings are designed to show you where the work needs to be done, as well as what you can do to heal. As a part of this series, I am sharing 7 tools for shadow work and self reflection that I have used in my own personal practice. Each hour session starts with any questions you have about previous readings done in the series or questions your use and work with the tools. 
Sessions are 3 readings in one, one hour session. Before booking your first block and payment, we will do an interview to determine if we are a good fit for your mentoring needs. If we are, then we'll schedule your readings. 
Each 3 reading block is $150 - that includes a one hour session with me and one tool for transformation. By entering the series you will be entered into my mailing list and receive my exclusive monthly tarot forecast videos and my weekly tarot forecast videos straight to your inbox! You will also receive personal emails from me through the series with helpful tools and any additional wisdom I have to add to your readings.
Click the feather pen to contact me for
more information or to schedule an
interview - 
Here is a testimonial on the series and the impact it made in one client's life: 


"The journey ... was an opportunity for me to acquire tools ... to help explore new, creative ways to show up for myself. My personal intention for participating in this with Rachel Moon was to gain and utilize some additional spiritual guidance in my own journey.


Each reading was a focus on the major Arcana cards ... each card representing a different fundamental and offering a unique perspective. I came out of it with new ways to approach dealing with the shadow self and clearing out shadow commitments that may not be serving my highest good.  I've now adopted a regular practice of writing to aid with my own personal reflection process. I often go back and re-listen to our [recorded] sessions and they always seem to resonate with my current situations.  

So grateful that I got to do this!"  - K.H. Durham, NC

“Whenever I feel stuck or confused about what's going on in my life, I call on Rachel Moon!  Through the cards ... she taps into a greater Wisdom which she interprets with incredible accuracy to my specific situation!  Her delivery is honest, yet gentle, and professional.  With the clarity I find through her insight, I always walk away feeling more empowered and motivated than when I arrived. I highly recommend a reading with her!”

E.M. Slovenia

Rachel's intuition and sincerity is a gift. She does not sugar coat things, but delivers her insights to you in a gentle manner. I have been getting readings from her in person, and via Etsy when I had to move for school. When I first went to her for my relationship problem, a couple of previous tarot readers told me "you two will get together" while Rachel was the only person to tell me "I think you will hear from him again, but my intuition is telling me this won't evolve further" She then mentioned someone ... "right under my nose" that I did not even consider... I did not really listen then, but when it happened just the way she said it would, I've been seeking her help since! She is truly amazing! 

S.S. Tennessee

Rachel's readings are spot on. Her energy and empathy shine through.

t.j. OHIO


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